Asthma is one of the most common and debilitating conditions that can affect your life. Many people have seen their lives taken over by asthma, without any knowledge of its true cause. This condition is now known to be caused by inflammation of the airways in the lungs, which get affected due to certain triggers. Below are the most common causes of asthma.

* Family history: a family history of asthma in one or both parents can be a big contributory factor to someone’s asthmatic condition. If you or a member of your family had asthma then you should take good care of yourself and ensure that your children are protected from asthma.

* Smoking: asthma sufferers who smoke face higher chances of asthma attacks. Even though the risk of attack is low if you quit smoking, you still increase your chances of having an attack by being exposed to cigarette smoke. Besides, a regular smoker faces higher risks of heart disease, obesity, and strokes, while asthma suffers are at higher risk of suffering from respiratory diseases and breathing problems.

* Age: Asthma is more prevalent in adults than children, but the fact remains that children are more prone to develop asthma. It is a common misconception that children under the age of five years are immune to asthma but the fact is that they are also more vulnerable to the condition.

* Drugs: There are a number of medications that can cause asthma. Most commonly used are anticoagulants and some antibiotics. These medications may cause asthma due to increased sensitivity to oxygen and triggering of the immune response.

* Exposure to cold air: A cold air environment can trigger an asthma attack, which is why many sufferers of asthma breathe through a mask. Such attacks are common in winter when the air is wet and warm.

* Constriction of airways: inhalers or inhaled steroid tablets can constrict the airways, which is also known as hyperinflation. This often results in an asthma attack. Hence, it is recommended that sufferers of asthma should try and refrain from using such medications as they can trigger an attack.

* Blood sugar levels: If a person is on medication for asthma and their blood sugar levels fall, then this can result in symptoms of asthma. Thus, sufferers of asthma should stay aware of their blood sugar levels, so that if such a situation arises, they are able to seek immediate medical attention. The treatment for this condition will vary from person to person depending on the situation.

* Poor diet: People who have asthma also suffer from poor diet. This can lead to asthma by lowering the amount of nutrients that are available in the body and interfering with the natural ability of the body to fight off infections.

* Allergies: One of the biggest causes of asthma is an allergic reaction. People with asthma often face frequent attacks, which cause them to become short of breath and exhausted. They avoid allergens in order to avoid these symptoms and also because they have been convinced that these attacks are the result of something else.

Therefore, sufferers of asthma should not ignore their symptoms and consult a doctor when they feel a particular type of allergen is causing the unwanted reactions. It is important that asthma is diagnosed properly before it causes a great deal of damage.

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